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Question asked by Flora Woratschek on May 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Aaron Kaestner

I am writing in reference to the check box marked "calculate only based on graded assignments" that appears on individual student grade summary; the "Grades for ____(name)___"  report.  I used a points system, and the ONLY point total that matters (and therefore the only percentage that matters) is their final point total.  I do not want the grades to be "calculated based only on graded assignments" because  this often makes the percentage score higher than it should be.   I have students who don't hear it when I say that the percentages they see on those "Grades for" reports are incorrect because they are based only on your scores for completed items.  In other words, a student may have completed only a fraction of the course work, but if they completed 3 out of 10 quizzes and got full points on all three, they will think they are getting an A because they earned 100% of the points they attempted.  Never mind that they didn't do the other 7 quizzes, the term paper, exams, other work, etc...     Is there a way to turn this off... I can click it off while viewing the grade report... but I want that to be the default...  and I certainly don't want students who have completed 20% of the coursework to think they will  pass the course because their Grade Summary says they have 80%...  (i.e. 80% of the 20% they completed)...   Please advise.  Thank you.