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Custom login page per subaccount?

Question asked by Kunal Ashar on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Roxanne Conroy

I have a hosted Instructure Canvas LMS instance. I've created several sub-accounts like hr-training, dev-training, support-training, and so on.


I'd like each of the these sub-accounts to have their own, custom login pages - the UI elements on these UI pages would change from one sub-account to another. Elements like the login page background color, department name, and elements like that need to be different for each of the departments.


Is this possible?


Could I, for example, have pages and URLs like,,, and so on? Each of these pages would have the same login elements (username/password), but different look-and-feel, and when the students submit their usernames/passwords, it takes them to their specific sub-account in Canvas LMS.

Thanks in advance.