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Google LTI only for Google users?

Question asked by Emily Flo on Aug 14, 2017
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We are a non-degree Executive Education center using Canvas. As such, we have 1500 people annually who take programs with us from all across the region and with all different email addresses. We were excited to use the Google LTI to be able to incorporate a Google form assignment across all of our programs in a Welcome module.  It is the most user-friendly and staff-friendly way we have found to get profile information and then have it tabulated in a meaningful and visually appealing way.  Anyway, as I've tested this out, I have found that students are being asked to authorize their Google account.  We have a Google account set up on the back end for the Google forms, but we are not catering to a bulk set of Google/gmail users.  Does this mean we are not able to have people successfully view our Google Form LTI integrated assignment, if they are not using a Gmail account??


Feeling disappointed... any workarounds or knowledge that might help this message from appearing at the bottom for all users in Canvas using our Google form?