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Course names in Course Copy

Question asked by Tommy Fix on Aug 28, 2017
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My university has recently switched to Canvas from Blackboard and we are going through the stage where we are figuring out what things need to be treated differently. One thing that has become apparent is that the way we have handled multiple sections of the same course. 


In the past, when we had an instructor teaching multiple sections of the same course they would use a merge tool that was external from the LMS. This end result would be a new course was created in the SIS that had the rosters of any of the merged courses copied into it, and a new Course ID that adds an "M" after the section number (ex: HIS-101-001M). This is definitely not the way that Canvas expects us to deal with course IDs, the worst symptom of this is that when you have merged two courses with the same name, you end up with three courses that have no identifiable differences in name (since it apparently uses the course name, not the course ID, nickname, or SIS ID).


It seems like we might need to fundamentally change the way we are naming these courses. Has anyone else run into issues like this when moving to Canvas and what advice could we solicit about naming our courses?