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What happened to Mastery Paths?

Question asked by Emily Springfield on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Stephen Simpson

It used to be that when using mastery paths, if there was only one assignment option as a consequence of a mastery path, that would be assigned to the student automatically. So let's say, if the student fails Assignment 1, Mastery Paths automatically assigns Assignment 1 Retake to that student.


As of today (Aug 30, 2017), when the student fails, the retake isn't assigned until the student goes into Modules and clicks "Choose assignment path" and selects the (one) option available to them.


Is this a bug or a new feature? It actually really messes up the functionality for us. It's a whole lot of needless work for students to "select" the one option available, and now faculty can’t rely on the gradebook to tell us if students need to do the retake or not, because they don’t show up as “needing” the retake until students "opt-in."