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Quizzes Answer Saving Redirects to Blank Page

Question asked by S. Taylor Yarbrough on Sep 5, 2017
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Hello everyone.


We are attempting to identify the source of an issue we are experiencing with our instances of Canvas. I suspect the issue may be on the user side and not the system side but would like for some of you more experienced individuals to direct us. We student is taking a quiz, the quiz is set to display only one question at a time. When the user clicks Next (after answering a question) Canvas displays a message that says it's saving the answer. It then redirects the user to a blank white page. The user must reload the page before it will go to the next question. 


I've tested it on my end using the same browser and version the user is using but I am not experiencing the issue. The user is also on the same connection that I am on so that should not be an issue. The only thing that is different is the user's computer. 


Is there anything else we should test or am I safe in assuming that the issue rests on the user's end?


Thank You.