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Deleting a Course permission role: how do I know if anyone is using it?

Question asked by Jake Welchans on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by James Jones

I am trying to clean up the course role permissions for our instance and we have a couple course-roles that we have created that probably need to be deleted. 

Is there a way to know if anyone is using those roles before I delete them?

Or, maybe the more relevant question is, what happens if I delete a role that someone is using?


For example:

We have role called Professional Learner.  If I delete that role, and there are users who have been added to a course as Professional Learners, what will happen?  Will they no longer be in that course? Will I get an error/alert message?


Sidenote: For the Account permissions side, I found this very helpful document & script from James Jones for pulling a report of Admin Users & their roles.


Thanks for any guidance you can offer a very green admin!