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Google LTI vs Microsoft 365 LTI vs OneNote with Canvas?

Question asked by Shannon Schreiner on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2019 by Mark Van de Velde

We currently have students download a clinical self-evaluation Word document, which a student will edit throughout the course of the semester by filling out a column and comments for each clinical day.  I would like to move this form to an online platform (i.e. Google vs Microsoft 365 vs OneNote), so students can have access to their forms when they need to fill out the assignment at a clinical site far away from their homes.  Since the forms contain private information, the document will need to be able to be edited by individual students but remain private, and I would like the students to be able to submit the document via the speed grader in Canvas.  I have been attempting to read up on the possibilities of each, but I can't seem to find any Canvas documents that describe quite what I'm wanting to do.  


Does anyone have suggestions on which platform would be best & why?  (I have some concerns that the student email domains at my college differ from the email domains used by the instructors, so I'm worried that that discrepancy might prevent some platforms from uploading/downloading correctly.). Does anyone do anything similar with assignments and, maybe, have some insight into the process?  Or does anyone have suggestions for Canvas documents that I could try reading?


Thank you for your assistance!