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Imported Rogue Outcomes Invading Mastery Gradebook

Discussion created by Timothy Kohl on Sep 25, 2017
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I just put in a help ticket for this problem in our District.  My ticket explains it well, but the short story is that our district is struggling with outcomes attached to old content that is imported into current classes.  These outcomes may be outdated, or from a different course. They populate the Outcomes page and the Mastery Gradebook.  As a standards referenced district, these rogue outcomes can skew the data for an Outcome if not caught early.  As an admin, I am the only one that can delete them, and that is only if they are ungraded so far.  


Is anyone seeing this?  Is there a better workaround than opening each rogue Outcome and deleting it one by one?


Option to Disconnect Old Outcomes/Rubrics Before Content Import - please sign in and vote

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