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Page Titles and Links to the Page

Discussion created by Jack Graves on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by JAMES SHELDON

A few days ago, I started a discussion on Organizing Pages, as a result of which I learned of an existing idea to Allow folders in Pages. In the meantime, Laura Gibbs confirmed that the best approach to organizing Pages was the use of naming conventions. I then, of course, started renaming some of my Pages consistent with this idea. However, in doing so, I discovered a new challenge. When I changed the name of a Page, all existing links to that Page broke. After a little experimenting, I discovered that I could change titles to Assignments or Quizzes without any effect on links to those Assignments or Quizzes. However, with Pages, the links appear to be driven entirely by the titles. In fact, I could fix the problem by editing the title again to return it to the original. This seems problematic. In this particular instance, it was a hassle, but I now know of the issue. However, when you look at the prominence of the Page title, it occurs to me that there will undoubtedly be times in the future when I will want to change them. And when you consider the significant role of Pages in building a course in Canvas, this seems like a potentially serious problem. Admittedly, I haven't yet encountered the problem, because I am still doing my initial course builds. However, the title seems like a less than ideal way to provide durable links to pages.


Perhaps I am missing something obvious, and there are good reasons to tie links to Page titles and easy ways to work around my concerns. If so, I thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions. If not, then perhaps I'll post an idea to address the issue. I look forward to the contributions of others on this issue.