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Canvas App a huge disapointment

Discussion created by James Trueman on Aug 22, 2017
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We're fairly new to Canvas, and are about to launch to our whole institution.  As far as I can recall, we've been told that Canvas' web experience is not mobile responsive because Instructure expects most users to use the App instead.  However, we've been trying to design and build exciting Course sites, but find many features that make this happen just don't work in the App? It's actually quite a poor user experience :-( The following are some examples:


Like other Canvas Users, we would like to implement an FAQ page in a Canvas Course. We have tried to use the Element Toggler class to achieve this – but have found that it does not work in the app as the expand behaviour does not function? This is killing what could be a great FAQ option - and a really nice way of presenting video resources for students.


The .tab class does not work in the App either – meaning that all content otherwise laid out well in a browser is just listed vertically in the App. I know that certain jQuery features are deprecated – and .tabs may be part of this group? However, we are unclear how .tabs can be deprecated when it is used both in Settings and as the Content Picker structure under Edit (i.e. Links, Files, Images)? Is it that Instructure can use them - but we can't?

The experience between the Android and iOS App is also inconsistent. For example – we have designed a Course so that it does not use/need the Course Navigation (and hiding or disabling these in Settings / Navigation creates more real estate on the screen). This doesn’t pose an issue for the Android App – but if you do this the iOS App will not show any content at all (the whole course is blank)! So we have had to re-enable the Home navigation option to get the course content to show up in the iOS App. Why?

We’re really shocked how poor the App can be – it seems to be degrading some content so much – and appears to be restricting the options of what we can use, just so that the content isn’t spoiled once it is rendered inside the App interface.


Are we alone in feeling this? How have other Canvas users dealt with this - overcome these issues?