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Move student to a new group - Clone Group vs. Clone Group Set

Question asked by Keith Nabozny on Oct 15, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2020 by Karl Sherlock

I want to disband a group and move the students into new groups.


I read this article already, but it does not answer my question clearly:


How do I view all groups in a course as an instructor? 


1) The article seems to use "group" and "group set" interchangeably, which is confusing. It says:


If you want to modify a group but the group includes student submissions, you should clone the "group" instead of modifying the group memberships.


I think it means "clone the group set". 


I cloned the Group Set, which seemed to work fine. I then moved one of my students out of the old group and into their new group. I did not receive the error message I received when I tried moving my student in the original Group Set, so that seems to have worked.


However, I now have duplicates of all of my groups.



1) Should I delete the duplicate groups from the cloned group set, except for the new group? Or should I just leave the duplicates in place?

2) Does the affect what the students see on their side? Will they see that they are in two different groups now?

3) Is there a better way to do this?




Keith Nabozny