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Canvas does not load updated page, uses cache page.

Question asked by Alan Hyde on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Alan Hyde

Several students had an issue of not being able to complete a quiz that was transporte/imported from Etudes.  I fixed the question in the quiz and it displays properly on my computer.  Then I tried it from my iPad and my Samsung tablet.  In both cases, it reloaded the old page, not the new one.  On the Samsung, I used a cache cleaner (Norton) to make sure it was clear.  It still reloaded the old page.  On the Apple, I thought it was an iPad issue, but perhaps not.  My students are still having issues too.  Doesn't Canvas fetch the latest page from the server each time?  If not, that is a serious flaw.


Samsung running on google chrome; iPad running IOS  Any thoughts would be appreciated.