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Looking for simple navigation - and grading - of Groups' Discussions (plural)

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Oct 19, 2017
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For my class of 50 students, we have 12 groups working on a semester-long community-engaged project.  To monitor progress, I formed Group Discussions, to which (at least) one member of a group is required to post weekly progress on the project.  Two issues:

  • I've been instructed that, in Canvas, I cannot apply a group grade to a discussion.  Seems illogical - why have a function for which I can set up a group Discussion to be graded, and then not be able to assign the same grade to every student in the group?  Suggestion to Canvas:   please just do this!  Thanks.  [If anyone wants to suggest a more efficient way I can grade just the 12 groups, and not each of the 50 individual students, for their compliance with this assignment prompt, I'm listening.]
  • I'm looking for a "fewest-clicks-possible" way to navigate the 12 groups' weekly Discussion posts.  What I'm doing now seems clunky.....
    • I click on a Discussions (to find that week's Discussion, assigned to all 12 Groups)
    • I click on one of the 12 Group's Discussion link
    • Now, I'm in "Group-Land" (furthest left main Canvas account menu is now active, under "Groups") - exactly where I do not want to be....because,
      • once in "Group-Land," I'm in this "Groups-only" mode of Canvas, seeing only the one Group's entries for all things Groups-related.  Huh?
      • I click "Switch Group," go to the next group (still in "Group-Land") and I remain stuck in the Groups-only section of my entire Canvas account
    • All I want to do is -  with limited clicks - quickly review the 12 groups' postings to their Discussion.  Why am I clicking the Discussion, clicking on a Group (one of twelve), reading their post, switching to another group, finding their post and clicking on it, etc. etc. etc.
    • Is there a way I can re-set my account default for "Groups" so that I remain in the same course for which I'm reviewing and grading students' Group Discussions for just that course?
    • Suggestion to Canvas:  If I've set up Group Discussions in one course, I should have a way to look at one Discussion, click on one group at a time, display (i.e. read) their post, then easily click on the next group to read their post to the same Discussion.
    • Thanks for any direction


Michael M.