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How can instructors navigate Canvas most efficiently to assess student growth from one assignment to the next?

Question asked by Diana Perpich on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Diana Perpich

I'm looking for a way for instructors to navigate across assignments within Speedgrader.  Instructors want to be looking at Pat Paddington's Week 5 submission (and the instructor's own annotation) and easily navigate to Pat's Week 6 submission in a click or two.  At the moment, the instructor has to back out of the current Assignment, navigate to the next assignment, and then navigate to Pat again. Too many clicks multiplied by 30 (or 60 or more!) students and multiple assignments!


We're looking for a way to view the arc of the student's growth on a single page.  Ideally, this might be accomplished within Speedgrader by making the name of the Assignment a dropdown list too (see screenshot) or via Grades > select Pat Paddington > Grades > Show Detail (see screenshot); but at the moment that seems to get only as far as the final grade and maybe the comments.  The content of the student's submissions is hidden, as is any annotation.


Has anyone else searched out a workflow for this? Anyone enjoying a better solution than one browser tab for each  Speedgrader assignment and then setting the same student in each? Ha!, sigh.


First Screenshot:


screenshot of Speedgrader, with an arrow pointing to the name of the assignment in the header for the page.


Second Screenshot:


screenshot of the Details page of a student's Grades, where only the score is visible to show progression or growth.