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Mathquill Issues?

Question asked by Eric Werth Champion on Oct 27, 2017

Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions.  Is Mathquill replacing Insert Math Equation?  I saw a number of ideas related to math equations/formulas/fractions open for voting so wanted to check it out:

Quizzes.Next: Equation Answer Option on Quizzes

Fractions in Formula Questions

Add \overline to Math to Basic Math Equation Editor

Testing out formula and other question types, I noticed no Insert Math Equation option in the Quizzes LTI.  I am also having trouble getting Mathquill to work although I may be doing something wrong.  I have tried with both Chrome and Firefox and nothing happens when I hover over the Mathquill option nor click on Mathquill.  Once I did see a option box and I clicked on square-root I believe.  It looked like rather than inserting the actual square root image it put in the text equivalent.  I also checked to see what Mathquill looked like from the student view and didn't see this option when answering a question.


I'm not sure if what I am experiencing is normal behavior, at least currently, or if there is a bug to bring to everyone's attention.  


Any insight would be appreciated!