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Pages list getting unmanageable

Question asked by Teeka James on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Teeka James

I am afraid there may be nothing to do about this, but just in case . . . My classes are face-to-face classes, so I use Canvas to post assignment instructions, archive handouts from class, and keep the class schedule. In one of my classes, students turn work in online to Canvas; in the other, students turn in all work on paper in person. My college is new to Canvas; my Moodle courses got migrated, and so lots of content ended up as pages. 


Problem: Between the three courses I've now used Canvas for, I've generated a LOT of pages, and ALL of them end up in a single list of pages, regardless for which course they were created. It's irritating and becoming unmanageable. Since most of the pages were originally imports from Moodle, the names are neither consistent nor helpful. 


Question: I gather that I can't separate pages into folders. Is there something I can do to make the pages stick to a singe course?


Follow up/side question: I tried using modules, but students felt like the list was overwhelming and it was hard to know how to direct students to the content they needed. For example, for each unit there'd be assignments, informational handouts, quizzes, etc. I tried organizing the context into modules by type (e.g. assignments, handouts, etc.), but students didn't like that they had to keep jumping around from section to section. The pages have worked better since I can link from unit pages (e.g. essay unit 3) to content pages/files (e.g. grammar instruction/support files, assignment pages, class notes, etc.). Am I doing this wrong Is there a better way to organize the course?