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Multiple Courses - Each With Separate, Course-Only Groups

Question asked by Michael Maguire on Oct 27, 2017
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I teach multiple courses.  For some courses, I create Groups.  With those Groups, I give Group Assignments.  One set of Assignments I give is Group Discussions.   In one of my courses with 12 Groups, I want to review and respond to each Group's Discussion postings for one Discussion.

  • I open up the Course in Canvas.  My screen displays....
    • My main Canvas Menu - Account, Dashboard, Courses, Groups, Calendar, etc., indicating "Courses" as active, and (far left side screen)...
    • My Course information, with a Course menu next, on the next left side of my screen


  • I open up the Discussion, and I have a hyperlink display of all 12 Groups' Discussion posts.  My screen is still displaying my main Canvas Menu indicating "Courses" as active (far left of my screen) and my Course's menu (next left menu).
  • I click on one Group's Discussion  post.  My main Canvas Menu changes, indicating "Groups" as active (far left of my screen).  It seems that I'm stuck in this "Groups" loop, without direct, easy, single-click access to go back to my course.
  • My workaround, once here, is to go to that main Canvas menu, click on "Courses," and go to my course.  Then, the next time I want to review a course Group's Discussion post, I'll right-click the post and open it in a separate tab.  But with 12 groups, and my desire to compare postings and refer to other course components - in the middle of a busy day during which I've already opened a number of other tabs - it does not seem efficient for me to be opening so many tabs.

Is there a way I can set up Groups in a Course so that, when I assign Group Discussions, I can review those Discussion posts and stay in that Canvas course, without being sent to the "Groups" module on my main Canvas menu - taking me out of the Course that the Group Discussions are in?  I realize I may be missing something, so any help is appreciated!