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New Student Registration Course in Canvas?

Discussion created by Jamie Ackley on Oct 26, 2017
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Good morning all,

I love this community and how we all help each other out.  I'm just doing some research to other Higher Ed Canvas clients and whether you have examples of a new student registration course in Canvas.  We currently have this in Moodle, but now that we are transitioning to Canvas, we'd like to duplicate, if possible.


In Moodle, we have modules about placement tests, financial aid, etc.  Then we have pages for each major that provides information.  Students must view their particular major page in order to move forward to the next module.


Also, in our Moodle data feeds, we have new students being enrolled and they are put into groups based on their major (this comes from SIS).  Certain content is released to students based on that major.  Once students view all the required pages in their major, we have data going back to SIS that the student completed the course.  (there is not a quiz or anything, just viewing). Only at that time, can students register for courses through the SIS.


Questions:  Does anyone do this in Canvas now?  Are you able to get an auto data feed on majors from the SIS and get students into a particular group and release content only to that group?  If not, do you just show all the majors to the students and then they select?


If anyone has a sample of this and willing to share, we would be so very appreciative.  Or of not, do you have any suggestions/recommendations.  Thank you in advance!!


Jamie Ackley