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School-Wide Advisory Course

Discussion created by Abby Cunningham on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Eric Werth

My school has an advisory class every Tuesday.  Each teacher is in charge of about 18-23 students and this is our platform for giving students information, taking surveys, talking about social issues, etc.  Since we all do the same topic on the same day, we were wondering if there was an easy way to push things out to all students that still gives each individual teacher autonomy with the least amount of prep work.


One idea is for me, the instructional coach, to create a module, push it out to commons, and have each teacher copy it into their course each week.  This is not really ideal since the teachers will have to do some prep (although minimal) each week.  Many will forget or wait until the last minute.


Another idea is to create one advisory course for the whole school and then put students in sections and assign each teacher to the individual section.  The only problem with this is that we then "break" our link to Infinite Campus which updates student enrollment automatically.


Has anyone had any experience with doing this?  What has worked well?  What has not worked well?