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Help with 'ignore lowest' rule in Gradebook?

Question asked by Kimberly Smith on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Eric Werth

I am using the 'ignore lowest' in several assignment groups. For example, I allow students to drop one lowest exam score (out of five). Recently, I discovered a couple of students had cheated during an online exam. Part of the penalty is that the zero they received (manually entered to override the auto-graded score) is no longer eligible to be one of the exam scores that gets dropped (so that the zero will count toward their final course grade).

Q1: Is there a way that this can be managed in the Gradebook for individual students? I am thinking of adding a 'penalty exam' column (just for purposes of having that column in the Gradebook), assigning that exam to just those students who cheated, and then manually entering a score of zero on that exam. It seems that this would give them an extra "lowest score" and force the system to count one of zero scores, yes?

Q2: However, how would one manage the divisor? That is, the total points available for the semester is 1355, and each exam is worth 200 points. If I make the penalty exam score column 'out of 200', the total points available is increased to 1555 for these students, and there is no way I know of to hide the divisor in the Gradebook Total. Conversely, if I make that penalty score column 'out of 0', then it seems this would amount to the penalty not counting against them (the same as a not-done extra credit assignment would). 

Q3: A simpler solution might be to just manually calculate the students' final grade and override their scores in the Total Points column from within the Gradebook at the end of the semester. However, the system does not appear to allow this. If I were to export the final grades as a CSV file and manually change the Total column for these students, would the system keep those new totals when the file was imported?

Thank you for help.