Nathan Campbell

Advantage to adding 'external app' to course

Discussion created by Nathan Campbell on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

Hello all,


I'm unpacking external apps and LTIs here in Brookline, MA for our district, and I'm hitting a wall in my own understanding.


I know that external apps are 'accessible' via the 'V' (external tools icon) in the Rich Content Editor.  At the same time, if I'm in a course, I could click SettingsApps to access and then 'add' apps to a particular course.


My confusion/question: what is the value proposition of adding the app to the course in Settings over just accessing the app (and its content) via the in the Rich Content Editor when you want/need to add content?


Thank you for any insights/context/nuance you can provide.