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Speedgrader automatically show highest scoring quiz attempt?

Question asked by Arne Schwettmann on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by Valerie Dumova

I think I am in need of help from someone who has experience manually grading quizzes in canvas, because I am at the end of my rope.


Here are my main questions:


- Is there an option to force speedgrader to automatically show me the highest scored quiz attempt for the students, instead of the last submitted? Why would I be interested in a worse attempt that speedgrader itself is not even counting?


- Is there a setting or an alternative to speedgrader that shows all student answers to one question for one quiz on a single page in maybe a table view? Flipping between pages just to go from student to student is so incredibly slow.


- What other options do I have to manually grade online quizzes? The name speedgrader implies there should be some other non-speedgrader option. Maybe one that can display simply a long list of many student answers to a single quiz question where I can quickly look at each answer, enter a grade and move further down the table. A view similar to the gradebook, but for a single quiz question would be ideal.


The reason I am asking for help is because I have quizzes that have MC questions that are automatically graded and one freeform question in each quiz, and I give students two attempts at each online quiz.


After manually grading hundreds upon hundreds of freeform answers to my quizzes, I was shocked to realize that speedgrader does NOT show me the highest scored attempt for each student, the one it actually counts, but instead it shows the attempt that was submitted last in terms of time, the one it sometimes doesn't even count (if it scored lower than the first attempt). Many students did better on their first attempt, but my manual edits do not register on those attempts.


Down here I put my rant so feel free to ignore this. But my god "speedgrader" should be renamed it is about as sluggish as it gets, slower than the already slow old d2l system we used to have. It is so excruciatingly slow to switch from student to student that grading becomes a huge frustration. But now, in addition to having to view each student's quiz on an individual page that has to load, then scrolling to the question because speedgrader seems unable to at least reliably center the same question on the screen, then entering a grade in a sluggish UI, then clicking submit grade on the bottom (because the enter key does not submit the grade like it does in the gradebook, oh no), then clicking the arrow on the top (because the UI elements have to be on opposite ends of the screen, and j,k navigation key shortcuts do not work 90% of the time), then waiting seconds for a new page to load... in addition to all that, now speedgrader also seems to want me to manually, for each student, select the highest scored attempt out of many attempts in a slow drop down widget and look at the attempts and their scores to find the highest scoring attempt? If this is a joke I am not laughing.