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Discussion created by Ryan Peters on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Laura Gibbs
I'm trying to create a reflective journal assessment in Canvas and am seeking advice on the best way to do this. Each week, students are given a set of reflection questions, and they have five days to enter and complete their responses. There are three 'sets' of questions (Set A, Set B, Set C) which I would like to randomly assign to all students in the course. The students should be able to enter their responses and be able to go back and add/edit before the due date. 
In the Canvas community I saw a method in which an assignment is set up as a group assignment (with randomly selected members), and then each 'set' can be allocated to these groups. This works fine but when I tested this I noticed that one individual submission was distributed to each member of the group. 
Is there a way of keeping student submissions in group assignments to only individuals?
Or is there a better way of creating an assessed task like I have described? I am trying to avoid having to manually assign individual students to the Journal 'sets' as this would be very time consuming.
Thanks in advance