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User with two logins on same account - how to separate?

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by Kate Burkes

We are new to Canvas. We have main user accounts created by SIS integration. We are also creating separate training accounts with a separate login for each user. I have a circumstance in which I intended to create two completely separate user accounts, but they are somehow merged into one.


For example:

>SIS created an account for Kathy Smith, username ksmith, email,  SIS ID 1234567

>I then manually created an account called Kathy TRAIN-Smith, username Kathy.Smith, email, SIS ID manual1


When I search for user Kathy TRAIN-Smith, it does not exist in the user list. It has been merged with the ksmith user account.  I need these accounts to be completely separate, not merged. 


I would like to know this happened (was it the common email?), and also how to separate them now.  Thanks.