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Canvas Data save to MySQL tables without PK - Java

Question asked by Erick Benites on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by James Jones


I'm trying save data tables into my mysql database using Java with Hibernate, and I dont have any problem with dimensions tables as course_dim:

@Table(name = "course_dim")
public class CourseDim extends DataTable{

    protected Long id;
    protected Long canvas_id;
    protected Long root_account_id;
    protected Long account_id;
    protected Long enrollment_term_id;
    protected String name;
    protected String code;
    protected String type;
    protected Date created_at;
    protected Date start_at;
    protected Date conclude_at;
    protected String publicly_visible;
    protected String sis_source_id;
    protected String workflow_state;
    protected Long wiki_id;

but when I trying save the facts table as "wiki_page_fact" i get a error message:

ERROR: there is no primary key for referenced table "wiki_page_fact"
@Table(name = "wiki_page_fact")
public class WikiPageFact extends DataTable implements Serializable{

    protected Long wiki_page_id;
    protected Long wiki_id;
    protected Long parent_course_id;
    protected Long parent_group_id;
    protected Long parent_course_account_id;
    protected Long parent_group_account_id;
    protected Long user_id;
    protected Long account_id;
    protected Long root_account_id;
    protected Long enrollment_term_id;
    protected Long group_category_id;
    protected Long wiki_page_comments_count;
    protected Long view_count;

What would the primary key?

I would not know if I should insert or update a record. Or I should to remove all records from table and then insert all again.


Thanks so much