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Modules not showing assignments

Question asked by Celia Hartman on Jan 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Carey Smith

I have set up my course, changed settings as appropriate, and assigned dates to all my assignments. My assignments appear in my syllabus tab perfectly, which is great; but I would really like for the activities to show in the modules, as well. In the past, when I set-up Canvas, these assignments/date due/pt. value would automatically populate within the module and be very helpful for students as they were working their way through the material. Having the assignments there kept the students on track and allowed them to see how they were going to be assessed (quiz, exam, project, discussion, etc...) based on the material they were learning.

For whatever reason my assignments no longer appear in the modules.  I have tried everything to reinstate them to no avail. My master copy of the program shows the modules with the assignments included (which I love ) but the new class I recently set up does not. Help!


Is there a trick to putting them back into the modules? Did I do something horrific while I was setting up my class?


Any and all help you can give me is greatly appreciated.