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What are your high priority ideas/features/bugs?

Discussion created by Stuart Ryan Champion on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Bobby Pedersen

Howdy everyone,

In anticipation of our catch up in a couple of weeks, I wanted to start the discussion on gathering thoughts on what the high priority ideas, features, and bugs that might be specific to APAC's needs.


You may have seen that I have created a document at APAC Areas of Priority. I am happy to kick things off by curating what is discussed here, into the first version of the document, where this can grow dynamically.


I have put together some of my thoughts and would welcome feedback/scrutiny/ideas/cookies! Some things I would love to focus on include:

  1. For anything we as a group feel is a priority, we need to understand and appropriately articulate the business impact/priority and the use case(s). This may not be defined immediately, but should be developed over time.
  2. Having information on hand collectively of the number of users impacted, and number of courses for each of the priority issues is incredibly handy to have available, so may be handy to include.
  3. Having evidence of having engaged the business/users/students is extremely valuable. As the system administrator this is definitely one for me to remember!
  4. We should remember that each of our use case(s) and impacts/priorities may be different, however we need to come up with a curated list of the ordered priorities we would like to champion as a group.
  5. From what we understand, is the need aligned to Canvas' product strategy, or is this a need we have that may need additional championing? This is a tough one to answer, but if you have discussed with anyone at Instructure (especially Product), having this info on hand is invaluable.
  6. Is there a workaround to the idea/feature/bug available at this time? Is the workaround acceptable, or problematic?
  7. Is the idea/feature meeting a short term need, or looking towards the long game? Have we considered how this might work in 6, 12, 24 months time?
  8. The idea/feature does not have to be specific to the APAC region, though the general idea is that this will serve as a useful mechanism to help champion APAC specific needs more effectively as a group.
  9. The idea/feature does not necessarily have to have already been logged to the community, however to be added to the list an idea should be created in the main community area and shared into APAC.
  10. What else should we focus on? Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?


So, to kick it off, what are some of the priorities for you and your institution, lets throw them all out there and have a fun discussion!