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2 user accounts intertwined

Question asked by Trina Adams on Jan 24, 2018
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Users were sent the link from Canvas Catalog to create the profile and continue on to register/access the course. We now have Nathan unable to log into his purchased course because his account is intertwined with Dwayne's inside of Canvas Catalog. The end result is Nathan is unable to access his account or course. 


  • Dwayne purchased and is able to access his (course)
  • From what has been determined so far, Dwayne created Nathan’s account while logged in as himself (Dwayne). Or Dwayne didn't log out of Catalog/Canvas then any of Nathan's clicks were technically tied to Dwayne.
  • The 2nd complication is that Dwayne enrolled Nathan in (Nathan's course) while Dwayne was logged in as himself (Dwayne).
  • When Nathan logs in with his email address to access his course, the system was saying it was Dwayne logging and completing the work.


How do we break apart the account information within Catalog which would allow Nathan access to his courses using his email? Or do we need to delete Dwayne's Catalog account and start over with the registration process? If we delete Dwayne's Catalog account, how does that impact the past/present/future record keeping from his Canvas course(s)?


Thanks for suggestions!