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Changing order of grading in Speed Grader

Question asked by Kevin Karplus on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Kevin Karplus

The Speed Grader "next" and "previous" arrows are always following either alphabetical order or the group name order.  But this is often not the order I want to grade in.


Some orders I would want to grade in:

  • order of submission (first turned in is first graded)
  • random (to avoid systematic biases due to grading order—caused by fatigue or growing irritation)
  • worst course grade to best course grade—to find the most common errors to put into my grading rubric quickly.  Also to reduce the effect of grading fatigue (good papers are easier to grade).
  • best grade on assignment to worst grade on assignment—useful for doing a pass over the graded assignments to check for consistency of scoring.
  • next ungraded. (Speed Grader currently steps through even the ones that have already been graded)


Is there any way to change the meaning of the previous and next arrows?


For some of the orders I want, there is a rather awkward work-around.  I can keep the gradebook open, and I can go to the next student on the list by 

  • switching tabs
  • left clicking on the  assignment for the next student to grade
  • left-clicking on the tiny box that appears
  • right-clicking on Speed Grader
  • left-clicking on open in new tab
  • changing tabs

That's six clicks per transition, and it doesn't count the additional clicks needed to remove the extra tabs that get opened.  Furthermore, the gradebook doesn't update, so I have to find the next student to grade each time, without information about which ones I've done.