Holly Owens

Canvas Student Orientation Course, A Requirement?

Discussion created by Holly Owens on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2018 by Larry Turner

Hello Canvas Community, 

We are currently piloting Canvas here at Touro College in NY and I'm starting to think beyond the pilot into "what if" migration plans. As I am preparing my timeline I came across resources from various institutions that have created Student Orientation courses in Canvas (these are all fabulous btw!). My question for those that use this student orientation course, do you have it set up as a requirement that needs to be completed BEFORE students can access their other courses? Also if you do have this requirement set up, how did you do it in Canvas or via some other medium? I may be interested in having the student orientation in our school be a requirement so that we "know" students reviewed how to do things, it was also provide me with a means to discuss our academic integrity policy and get students to complete the AI quiz. Any thoughts or feedback you have about this would be greatly appreciated! 


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