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Printing Feedback in SpeedGrader

Discussion created by Paige Case on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Carol Bailey

I do not have time to follow discussions as closely as I would like, so if this question is addressed elsewhere, I apologize.


I am glad to see the transparent background that is now available in SpeedGrader. I would like to have more control over the size and shape of a text box; maybe that feature will come next.  I realize I basically want Canvas to recreate Croc-o-Doc (not sure how to spell that).  


As much as I appreciate that Canvas has addressed many concerns, I simply cannot use the SpeedGrader until students are able to print my feedback.  I do not understand giving students the capability to download a printable pdf that does not show my comments unless the student happens to scroll over the comment. The comment disappears as soon as the mouse moves to another area. If a student were to print the pdf, he or she would basically print the original paper.  Again, what is the point of having a print feedback feature that does not show the feedback?


I am the lead teacher for remedial English at my college, and I require students to print my feedback and revise/proofread their rough drafts from that printed copy.  Yes, they are more tech-savvy than I will ever be, but I still want to implement a few old-school strategies that I fully believe will help them.  Working from printed copies (a strategy our textbook recommends, by the way) helps them, at least in part, make better revisions and catch potential errors.