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How can I rebuild oauth_signature to match Canvas oauth_signature?

Question asked by Jhonathan Arenas on Mar 20, 2018
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I am trying to use my app as a provider which receives all oauth data via post request  i.e. `oauth_consumer_key`, `oauth_nonce`, `oauth_signature_method`, `oauth_timestamp`, `oauth_version` and `oauth_signature`. Additionally, other bunch of data such as `context_id`, `context_label`, `context_title`, etc (not going to list them all).


In order to certify that request as a trusted one I have to rebuild the oauth_signature from the data received by post and the shared key both Canvas and My app have.


My question is: What fields do I have to include in the signature base string apart from the ones prefixed with `oauth_` to match the signature Canvas is sending.


This is the signature base string I am generating:




Thanks in advance for any help.