Joel Ronchi

Certificate issuing - how to use Canvas to 'trigger' the process

Discussion created by Joel Ronchi on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Jacob Towne

We are a Training Organisation in Australia and, as such, we have a compliance requirement to issue certificates within 30 calendar days of the student's final assessment being marked and all units deemed 'competent'.  In this regard, I am seeking a method to enable our Student Services Team to be notified when a student has completed their studies.  


At the moment, there is no ability to set up automated notification (or any template) emails in Canvas.  An example of how this might work is an email is sent to Student Services to advise them a student's enrollment status has changed to 'concluded' (after a Trainer/Assessor has marked the final assessment).  This would enable Student Services to review the student's record and initiate the certificate issuance process.


As this cannot occur in Canvas at the moment, I thought to ask how other Providers are determining when a student has successfully completed their assessments (course), especially when using contract Trainers/Assessors who may be located around (Australia)?


One method I have looked at is to ask the Trainer to conclude the student's enrollment in the course.  The challenge to this approach is two-fold:


1. I cannot find a report in Canvas that Student Services can then run which details a Student's the enrollment state (concluded) and the date that enrollment state was triggered.


2. There is a business risk in having contract Trainers/Assessors be responsible for changing the student's enrollment state to 'concluded'.




Any tips of suggestions on how I might achieve the outcome I am looking for is greatly appreciated.