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Canvas Doc Team
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Colin Davitt
I have had a few coaches and sponsors reach out about using Canvas with their kids. The big idea is having one place for everything school related in one place. There could be a basketball course with all the plays and other info the coaches usually shared though emails or other sites.    Is anyone else doing this? Is there
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Gregory Beyrer
Description The Canvas Klatch is an office hour for the course Online Education Standards and Practices by @ONE.    Agenda (or Objectives)This is an office hour, so whoever attends directs the conversation. It takes place during the seventh week of a 12-week course. The title for this week's module is "Formative Assessment and
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Belinda Stutzman
 What does COMMUNITY mean to you? Because I am not a person that can work alone in a silo, I seek out the power of community in all that I do.  When I have fallen on personal tough times, blogs and social media groups filled with others facing the same trials have lifted me and giving me answers, hope and more resources than I could ever