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Canvas Doc Team
Canvas DocViewer is a tool that allows annotations on online assignment submissions in Canvas. You can use DocViewer to view annotated feedback in the assignment details section of the sidebar from your instructor or from other students in peer review assignments. DocViewer has a 10-hour session limit that begins when you open a submission. If you

Adam Zolkover
Hi everybody --   I'd like to propose an InstUI style guide for instructional designers. For years, I have used the design patterns and CSS classes in the old (now deprecated) Canvas style guide to create pages that look like they belong in Canvas. I would like to do the same with InstUI. But it looks like it is only available for LTI
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Joe White
SpeedGrader was working fine for me last week; however, now when I click on the "Free annotation tool" to start drawing comments, as soon as I click on the paper it starts drawing and won't stop, so that I just get a mass of scribbles on the page.  I thought at first it was something with my stylus, but my stylus works fine in other programs,
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Tomas Kojar
Hi   I have a request for Speedgrader   Is it possible to know how much time a marker spend marking assignments (eg. in the figure below 00:14 means 14 minutes)? Has this idea being discussed before?   So every marker will have a grading time associated to them:   This is very important in keeping track of
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L Villarta
Table/Image Advanced Properties  The Table, cell and rowadvanced properties option is a limiting design. There is a  dropdown list, without the ability to customize the html, which was available in the prior RCE.   Though the option to edit the code in the full HTML is still available, the ability to change the table's