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Linda Yee
I used to be able to sort assignment submissions by name, date submitted, grade, view, etc. But now, the sorting feature is gone. All the information is now shown for one student at a time (see attached screenshot), so I now have to scroll to find the information I need. Why is the sorting feature gone? Is there a way to bring it back?

Daniel Wexelblatt
Hi there,   I have been using fudge points to grade all of my quizzes lately, because all of my questions have been short essay answers and it is quite tedious to enter a score in every box for every question. However, something that has come to my attention recently is that some of the quizzes that are being graded using only fudge points
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Kaila Bowers
I logged into my Canvas account but my dashboard is completely blank. I refreshed the page and it showed an outline of the boxes or cards I am supposed to click on but then disappeared. I have tried using my phone browser as well as the app and I have tried multiple browsers on my laptop and it still shows nothing. On courses I am not able to add
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Rachel Bryson
In Speedgrader, is there a way to shrink the size of the rubric? In order to see my entire rubric and the place to leave qualitative remarks, I have to move the rubric screen so far to the left that it shrinks the student submission until it's nearly illegible. Ideally, I'd be able to see both the student submission and the full rubric together.