Gideon Williams

Canvas Tool Guide for Teachers

Blog Post created by Gideon Williams Champion on Feb 24, 2016

As a former Moodle user I was blown away by this resource originally designed by the great Joyce Seitzinger: so I went about creating my own.


The amazing Gavin Henrick did a lot of the hard work by recreating Joyce's design in PowerPoint so that it could be edited.


Below are some screenshots of my representation. I have tweeted Joyce to ask for permission to adapt the design (it is already licensed under Creative Commons use). I have included both their names in the changed document and she is happy for me to use it.



Attached below are two versions of the document:

  • PDF File to print and use
  • Original PowerPoint file to update and develop


I hope this is of use to the Community. Any updates and improvements please let me know as will I when I review this (on a regular basis)