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Student Run School HelpDesk

Blog Post created by Gideon Williams Champion on Dec 10, 2016

Next week, prior to our 'launch' in January we begin a student run lunchtime helpdesk for Canvas problems.


The helpdesk will be managed by our digital learning leaders. Their job will be to answer questions that any other students or staff have about Canvas. We have designed a sort of 'triage desk' and will assess which leader can deal with which problem. I will be on hand for anything that they have not come across before.


Every participant who has a problem solved will receive a badge and a number of House Points. The digital leaders will also receive double house points per successful solution given.



I have designed a badge on Word 2016 (amazed how impressive this is as a graphics program as before I would have done this on Fireworks or Gimp) and will go to work creating badges before then.



Updates to the blog post from Wednesday but perhaps a suggestion that other K12 schools might want to consider too. Any suggestion you have for improving this then please let me know...


A copy of the badge template is attached to the post.



We have also decided to use a triage system for assessing reports. This is mainly because our digital learning leaders do not have teacher access to courses and only I have admin access. We have designed a paper form to use first of all and had our first 'customer'. A typed up copy of the form is below:



What I really like about this, apart from the success is that I have learned something from the problem and can now go on and let other staff know. Hopefully this will also happen with the digital learning leaders who will grow in confidence and understanding as the process continues...


Next stop is to design badges for staff/students who help out other staff/students....