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Fiddling whilst PowerPoint turns

Blog Post created by Gideon Williams Champion on Mar 6, 2018

I updated a post I wrote a while back which was all about Web2 tools that you can embed into a Canvas page. I have used Web2 tools with a number of different learning platforms and like the fact you can embed them next to a range of other media in a page style design.


I use this process when creating lessons for my Year 7 Science group. I like the fact that the lesson is already online and can be followed independently by students (and returned to at a different stage) eg



One of the reasons for creating courses like this was the fact that I could not do this with any Office based software - until now....!


One of the Apps you can add to PowerPoint 2016 is called Fiddle for PowerPoint 


When you install Fiddle for PowerPoint you can copy and paste in HTML and Javascript (not tried) so that it sits inside a PowerPoint slide.


The Fiddle template looks like this:

You then just copy and paste your <iframe> HTML into the section eg H5P:


You need to adjust this manually in the box before pressing the Forward Arrow key. You can then adjust the frame on the PowerPoint page


Here it is playing in PowerPoint:


I have tried this out with a range of Web2.0 tools from my list and I have managed to get the following on with ease:

  • LearningApps
  • Quizlet
  • PhET
  • Padlet
  • EducaPlay
  • DotStorming


Sometimes you just need to ''fiddle'' with the screen size.


I have also tried embedding a PowerPoint with quizzes added to them into Canvas (via Office365 and OneDrive Personal).


Sadly it does not embed in a page using OneDrive for Personal (perhaps an embed too far)


The GREAT NEWS is that it works from the Office365 LTI feature and plays very well:


I would be very interested to hear from others who have tried this with different code/sites or have successfully tried the Javascript feature..


Here is a link to an online PowerPoint with a number of the different Web2 tools being embedded: Fiddle for PowerPoint Examples