Gideon Williams

Student and Course Checklists

Blog Post created by Gideon Williams on Mar 24, 2018

What has happened to the student task checklist feature that was launched last summer? No-one seems to know despite me placing a question on the forum - Dashboard: To-Do List UX improvements 


I really wish we had an effective checklist tool that would work for students and teachers. I have tried to look at alternatives such as:


Embedding a Microsoft Form (via our Office365) integration 

Nice idea but have to submit form and cannot leave it as a draft!


Creating a checklist in Excel and sharing it via Collaborations with a call

Students can see and update the checklist but can also see (and edit!) each others


Finding a suitable Web2 tool to embed

Not found one plus I don't want to push out more personal data to other sites and would like more control


Tried the existing Canvas Quiz/Survey tool

Surveys would be the place to go but still same issues as above


Using OneNote checklist feature

Simple to set up but not personalised to the user


There is certainly some interest out there - Task Check off for Modules, Progress Tracking for Students and Progress Bar for Courses (to name but three ideas, the last two in something called çold storage?')


One particular idea post from @Randy York about Kanban for students looks interesting - Kanban for Students 


Here is what Moodle has. It is called Checklist Activity - written by a contributor called David Smith. It is wonderful!


Which kind of leads me on to the idea that perhaps there could be a separate branch of Canvas or opportunity for Canvas developers to create (internal) LTIs/plugins that you could add to your course and self-manage.


If anyone has got ideas for a checklist or has got one working or can point to a Canvas Idea not hibernating then please add a comment below...