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Not my Priority.... :O(

Blog Post created by Gideon Williams Champion on Apr 26, 2019

Just read the priority list for (updated 24/4) and to be honest, I am pretty disappointed.


Here is the current Top 15 as voted on by those in the group...

Somewhere I must have missed the opportunity to add recommendations to this list. Personally speaking (hence the title of the post) I had hoped that they might include some of the ones I listed here - (Very Nearly) 13 Features I wish were in


Currently sitting on a lowly 14/15 is RCE: HTML viewI am hopeful that RCE means adding the editor in to some of the questions  eg Matching but not very hopeful of an early resolution if it remains second from last.


Am gobsmacked that printing appears so highly (#8) on what is a virtual learning environment ?!(although thanks for the comments about this below), I also don't understand Export Quiz Content (#4) either. How is this different from Quiz Banks?


It would appear to me that many of these features are management/Tech features of the tool and quite a few parity ones from the existing Quiz tool.  I had hoped that we would be addressing more of the Ed concerns and how we can make the Quiz tool support our digital teaching and learning ambitions. Maybe this is still the case and Instructure will look at those elements that many of us have asked for, outside of the 15?


Don't like writing these types of post but I had hoped for more. 


For a more technical review of read