Amanda Warren Marshall

Tuesday Night Keynote

Blog Post created by Amanda Warren Marshall on Jul 26, 2017

To keep the tradition alive (once something happens once, it is a tradition, right?) I'm going to attempt to blog all my notes from our secret mission here in Colorado. 


So below are my key take-aways from what Josh Coates told us. I found his keynote very inspiring. 


We all need reference points to walk in straight lines. For humans that is goals--makes ones that your 5-year-old self or 95-year-old self would approve of...if not, maybe not a good goal. (ie be successful at X)


So even with a reference point to success, can we ever make it in a straight line--no--we always have loops and circles on our paths to success. 


The road to success--there are no shortcuts (life is not like candyland) sometimes things do look worse in the morning and/or your way doesn’t always work better:

There aren't formulas or patterns to make life always successful

There isn’t a way to spend 30 years practicing the same day in our journey like Groundhog day.

There is some way to make $1mill in a day, but there isn’t a way to keep trying the same day.

Don't try to look for a blueprint/instructions. Wake up everyday and work hard etc--like a farm, you never know what will happen and sometimes the crops just fail.

"I followed the instructions and it didn’t work" sorry life isn’t like that--just work for the best and try again

At some level we want to be successful to inspire others--we likely won’t ever know who we inspire.