Crowd Sourced Online Instructor Training

Blog Post created by awilliams Administrator on Jun 28, 2017

Hey folks,

I've been given an opportunity to create a first draft of Online Instructor Training course for our college. I started as I think most people would, by searching Canvas Commons, the Community, and then the internet proper. Over the weekend as I was brainstorming some more, an idea hit me: Why am I doing this solo? I bet if I asked the amazing Canvas Community, they could come up with way more resources and ideas than I could alone and if I share the end product we all win!


So that's what I'm here to do. Below I'll outline the vision for the course and our first wave of topics. I would love any content recommendations you have. I am committed to pushing for this course to be open and shared back to the Community, so you won't just be helping us, but helping to create a resource that others could benefit from in the future.


Online Instructor Training Course Vision

To create a resource for all faculty interested in teaching online that is holistic but time-efficient. In order to accomplish this we plan to stick with higher level generic content as much as possible with references out for more detail. We will try to avoid going into too many specifics, and choose quality over quantity. Faculty are already trained on Canvas basics, and oriented to the rest of the college through other mechanisms. This resource only needs to address teaching online. 



*Note: You will surely find something not on this list you think should be there. I would love those suggestions, and we will be adding topics over time as the resource comes together. This is only half of the list of topics we brainstormed initially. These topics are listed in no particular order


  • Tech skills for teaching
  • Minimum tech requirements for teaching
  • Accessibility
  • Copyright
  • Planning and mapping your course
  • Responding proactively
  • Interactive content
  • Assessment alignment
  • Reviewing course before teaching
  • Personalized feedback
  • Digital cues of student learning
  • Managing and conducting discussions
  • Assessment guidance
  • Instructor presence
  • Interacting with students
  • Being accessible to students
  • Communication with students
  • Motivating students
  • Orienting students to the course
  • Getting to know your students
  • Student to student interaction


So, in summary, if you know of any high-quality and brief content for any of these topics, please leave some info in a comment below. I'm also happy to respond to any questions or comments you might have as well. Thanks!


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