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Blog Post created by Denise Dejonghe on Jul 19, 2017

Some of my colleagues and I were fortunate enough to attend InstructureCon 2015 and InstructureCon 2016, but our budget is grounding us during InstructureCon 2017. So, I’m very glad that the Trivia quizzes  #IC17Trivia: Field Agent (7-26-2017) will be available to those of us who cannot attend. Since I blogged about InstructureCon 2016 sessions, I know that those of us not able to attend can receive a summary of what’s happening on the Event Blogs


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InstructureCon 2017 bloggers, your mission to write and take images is critical to keeping us up-to-date (and helping us answer the Trivia questions)! Let us know if there's anything else we should follow besides everything on InstructureCon 2017.


I’m hoping that Quizzes.Next (Highlights from Quizzes.Next ) and Gradebook updates (Gradebook Futures: Kill All the Clicks!) mentioned last year will finally launch!




The official Twitter Hashtag for InstructureCon 2017 is still #instcon - per Stefanie Sanders response at