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Hundreds of Growth Mindset Cats :-)

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 13, 2017

This is my first blog post in this new space! I clicked on my icon in the upper right and then the profile page, and then I clicked on content. That gives me a link to my blog. I clicked on write a blog post... which is what I am doing right now! Whoo-hoo! Thanks to Biray Seitz for fixing the glitch that was holding my blog hostage at first.


And what I wanted to write about was something really fun that I did today (first day of our Spring Break, so I was just messing around)... which is that I updated the Growth Mindset Cats Widget in my Canvas Widget Warehouse. I added about 100 new cats to the collection, so there are now 260 (yep, count 'em: 260) growth mindset cat memes randomizing there in the widget, each one linked to its own blog post at the Growth Mindset Cats blog.


widget warehouse


The Growth Mindset Cat collection is one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on, so I am really glad to have all the new cats popping up at random in the sidebar of my class announcements blog, which is what the students see very time they come to our Canvas class (click; it's public):


myth class


With the power of distributed content, it was so easy to do this update; even though it was almost 100 images to add, it took less than hour. I just had to name the images in a way that matches them up to their blog posts (I keep a big spreadsheet for that, which had the 160 cats from before already in there), and then I uploaded the image files to my https webspace. I then pasted in the html code into the spreadsheet columns to create the table, which I then published in my webspace. So, with the files uploaded and the table, I then converted the table to a javascript, using that javascript to replace the old one (well, two of them: I have a 400-pixel-wide version and a 200-pixel-wide version). That's all I have to do: everything else just stays the same. I change the contents of the javascript, and the new content displays automatically everywhere. It's the magic of distributed content!


If you would like to grab the javascript-iframe for Canvas, grab it; you'll find all the information you need in the Widget Warehouse, along with lots of other widgets too. The iframe works in Canvas, while the javascript works anywhere javascript is accepted (blogs, wikis, webpages).


Since this is my favorite widget, it was fun to add all the new cats that I've accumulated since the last update. I'll be out of town and not sure really how much Internet access I will have... but if anybody has questions, please ask, and I'll reply when I get back online!


And yes, there's a Growth Mindset CanvasLIVE scheduled in April... now with more Cats. :-)

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