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The power of real blogs and RSS

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 13, 2017

Wow, just a follow-up to that previous post: now that I have a real blog here with real RSS (yes, these Jive Community blogs are real blogs with real RSS), I was able to add an RSS widget to my existing "Teaching with Canvas" blog that will display the blog posts I make here automatically, and that means... no more crossposting!


And that in turns means that Canvas has become fully civilized, at least for me. I can post here or in my other Canvas blogging spaces (I have a WordPress blog and two Blogger blogs that are Canvas-related), and now ALL the posts from ALL the blogs will appear as links in the sidebar of my main blog. I've been dutifully crossposting and feeling like a doofus every time because of course with RSS we shouldn't have to crosspost.


So, I will come back from my trip next week to a smoothly running, nicely integrated set of blog spaces.


And that makes me happy!!! :-)


Thanks again so much to Biray Seitz for making this work!


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