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Campus Event: Possible CanvasLIVE

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 25, 2017

I just finished printing up a simple one-page handout for a remote presentation I am doing for the PAINT Canvas event at my school on Wednesday of this coming week, March 29:

PAINT Canvas – Prepare All Instruction, Now Teach 


My event is scheduled for 11AM Oklahoma time (that's noon my time)... and I just had a kind of wild idea: we really hadn't figured out just how this remote participation was going to work, but I am wondering if we could make that a CanvasLIVE. Would that work for you Stefanie Sanders and/or Biray Seitz? Or is this too late notice? I checked the CanvasLIVE calendar, and there is nothing scheduled for 12:00-12:45PM Eastern on Wednesday, March 29 (which is 11AM-11:45AM Oklahoma time, my scheduled slot).


I don't know why I didn't think about this sooner, but when I listened in on something that Ryan shared via CanvasLIVE that was a presentation in person at his school, I realized how cool it could be to have CanvasLIVE "happening" in conjunction with PAINTCanvas at OU. Instead of doing a slideshow for this one, I would instead do a page-by-page walk-through of the Canvas course, much like the presentation I saw Sean do last week which was based in a Canvas course space like this.


What do you think Keegan Long-Wheeler ? The way that would work on your end would be that you would just have a station with the live YouTube going. It would not be "interactive" as Hong wanted, but to be honest, I'm not sure we will get a lot of interactivity with me being remote (it's just not what people would expect at a typical OU workshop).

But people could watch the YouTube if they want (even for just a few minutes), plus they would have this handout to take away, and then they could watch the video later at their convenience ... and, best of all, they would learn what CanvasLIVE is! Since there will be a fellow there physically present, that person could explain that this is a CanvasLIVE, how there are CanvasLIVEs every day, plus all the good Community stuff, etc. etc. etc. So it would really be a presentation ABOUT the Community as much as anything else.


So, let me know what you all think. For me, I think we would get "more bang for our (virtual) buck" by having this be a CanvasLIVE, especially if it can get more OU people involved here and using the great resource that CanvasLIVE can be for everybody.


Meanwhile, Keegan, here's the file I'm sending you (PDF, not png as here) ... I'll do that in the email. :-)


PAINT Canvas handout