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Flickr Albums in Canvas Pages

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 25, 2017

Okay, this blog post is kind of an experiment! I originally posted this in the University of Oklahoma Group (and crossposted at my external Teaching with Canvas blog), back before I realized that basically nobody would ever or could ever see the content. I didn't realize that a private group meant no access to the content at all, not even via search, and even when I pinged people in the Community, they could not access the post (that's what happened today, Chris Hofer , with that item that ended up in the private group). 

Thankfully, Michelle Meazell and Stefanie Sanders helped me figure out "I was doing it wrong" (SO WRONG), and then I started posting in other places in the Community. I finally started connecting! 

And now, with the revamp of the Community space a while back, I have a personal blog space of my own here (so glad about that!), so I am trying this experiment thanks to a suggestion from Biray Seitz to see if I can safely relocate content out of the not-very-useful private group into the much more useful public blog. Fingers crossed! I am changing the "location" of the post using the box below. Now we'll see if it works! I'm not sure what it will do to the date or the RSS, so I am curious what switching locations really means. Mostly, I will just be happy if it lets me recirculate some of those old blog posts. :-)

post location

Update: SUCCESS. When I do a search now without even being logged in, this post shows up now that it is in a public area! For long-term access and re-use, being part of the Search is essential Now it is!

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Today's post is about Flickr Albums! Canvas already has good integration with Flickr image search which makes it easy to include individual Flickr images in a Canvas Page, and you can even browser Flickr to find images to use as course cards.

Thanks to the great File-in-Page trick I learned at the Community last week (thanks again to James Jones and Sharmaine Regisford !) , I'm now able to embed Flickr Albums in Canvas pages too. Here are step by step instructions: Step by Step Flickr Album in Canvas.

Here's a screenshot of an album in a Page:

flickr screenshot

So, in addition to being able to embed Flickr albums in other spaces (blog sidebars, webpages, etc.), now you can embed them in a Canvas page or in a Canvas discussion board. The iframe solution works in both spaces; here's a screenshot of the same album in the Discussion Board. You can use an album to provide a range of visual prompts for the discussion, and the album approach allows students to respond to the one that most interests them — and they can easily access the Flickr photo page to grab the URL to include in their reply:


For people who have followed Flickr for a while, this embedded album option is really great to see! Years ago, Flickr had an excellent embedded slideshow option, but it was Flash-based. They discontinued that, with no other good option in place, but now this new embedded album has come along, and I think it is a very nice solution. I wish they would offer an embedded album option for displaying live search results (that would be really cool!), but this is certainly as good as the old slideshow, and in some ways it is better; I find it more visually appealing than the old slideshow. :-)