Laura Gibbs

CanvasLive for April-May-June

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Mar 27, 2017

After settling some travel plans for May, I was able to set up some more CanvasLIVE presentations. This whole process is really helping me to get organized, too; it's like inviting someone to your house for dinner knowing that will make you do some housecleaning... CanvasLIVE is the digital equivalent. 


You can find all the details at this blog post and you can also use the #CLCats (Connected Learning with Cats) tag here at the Community.

Connected Learning with Cats: An Index – Teaching with Canvas 


I'll also put in another shameless plug for my Group proposal for a Connected Learning group; I figure if there is a group, that will be like doing CanvasLIVE: I will be more organized and proactive in sharing stuff! 

Group Request: Connected Learning 


Here's a screenshot from the blog post that gives an overview of what's coming up. As you'll see, there are links to slidedecks; my goal is to post the slidedecks a week before the event (so I can ponder and tinker in advance), and I hope those can be useful too, expanding the audience since I know the Thursday afternoon time might not be convenient. I'm going to have fun doing these CanvasLIVE presentations (Stefanie Sanders and Biray Seitz make that so easy to do!), but I still see this more as an asynchronous opportunity for learning and sharing, with the synchronous event just a fun extra. :-)


CanvasLIVE screenshot