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Growth Mindset Infographics and Accessibility

Blog Post created by Laura Gibbs on Apr 4, 2017

I love a good infographic, and my students do too. Infographics are eye-catching, and they provide a good writing prompt for students. There are a LOT of fun and useful infographics for growth mindset. But here's the thing that people don't talk about so much: just like with videos, infographics have some seriously accessibility barriers because they usually don't come with transcriptions, and even if they are published with a transcription, as image files they break free of that and go rogue. Even nifty apps like Project Naphtha don't always do a good job with OCR, especially for infographics that are playing with text and layout in creative ways, as the best infographics do.


So, as part of my spring cleaning and reorganizing of my growth mindset materials for this new Canvas: Growth Mindset project, I'm going to systematically work through my collection of growth mindset infographics (mostly at Pinterest right now), re-publishing the infographic with a transcription at my Growth Mindset blog.


To show how that workflow then automatically feeds content into my Canvas: Growth Mindset course, I've written out the steps here. This is going to look kind of weird, but it's a variation on a process I have used for other projects, and it goes really quickly for me. It's probably going to take me longer here to write out the steps than it does to actually do them! That's why documentation is so hard... it often takes longer than the task itself. My actual work here transcribing the infographic and making the cat took under half an hour... writing the blog post is what has ended up using some real time this morning. But now I have it written down step by step.


So, here is the process I am using for this new "transcribe" project, and how that all pops out as new content automatically inside the Canvas course space:


Pinterest. I start with my Pinterest Infographics Board, looking for an item that does NOT have the word "TRANSCRIBED" in the pin descriptor (I just do Control-F to highlight the word "transcribed" on the screen).


My blog. I pick one, transcribe it, see if I can track down the source (not always easy), and then I publish the infographic image and the transcription in a blog post. You can see the one I did today here:

Growth Mindset Cats: 21 Components of Effective Feedback 


Back to Pinterest. I then go back to Pinterest and edit the pin (yes, you can edit pins!): I add TRANSCRIBED to the description, and I change the URL (yes, you can change the URLs) to now be the URL of the blog post where I published the transcription.


Diigo. Then I either bookmark my blog post in Diigo OR if I have found the original article where the infographic first appeared (like today!), then I bookmark the original article. That leads to the first content activity in the Canvas course; the Diigo page updates:

Mindset Articles: Exploring Growth Mindset 


diigo in canvas


In addition, if I used one of the tags that associates the article with one of the five mindset areas, that page also updates; in this case, the "Improve" page (since this is an infographic about feedback):

4. Improve!: Exploring Growth Mindset 


improve area screenshot


Inoreader. Next, I go to my Inoreader, and add a "newinfographic" tag to the blog post as it shows up in Inoreader. Presto: now the New Infographics page in the Canvas course contains today's blog post (this is the full thing, not the Diigo image snippet):

New Infographics: Exploring Growth Mindset 


infographic screenshot


Twitter. Finally, I tweet the item at my OUMindsetPlay Twitter account (an account I just use for growth mindset, which I have now revived for this project, yay!), and that tweet then shows up in the Canvas course also:

Twitter: Exploring Growth Mindset 


twitter screenshot


To me, that's the power of curation: I didn't create this infographic (someone else spent hours doing that, and thank goodness they did: I don't even know how to make an infographic like this), but I've added value to the infographic with the transcription, and I've left a digital footprint in multiple places that connects the infographic to the transcription, and which also emphasizes the value to educators of this item (it was originally written for a business audience). And I four, count' em four, pages in my Canvas course updated automatically, without me having to press the Edit button even once.


I am very excited about this transcription project. It's easy and powerful... and my students are really going to enjoy having this nifty infographics library for growth mindset when Fall rolls around. I will then enlist their aid in finding more infographics and doing transcriptions also if they want (I hope they will!). Meanwhile, my Canvas course will keep updating automatically as I move along. :-)


And, of course, I made a cat... and I included the infographic (plus links) in that post:

Growth Mindset Cats: I need feedback to help me grow. 


growth mindset cat


That cat in turn updated the new cats page at the Canvas course. So make that five pages updated automatically :-)

New Cats: Exploring Growth Mindset 


new cats at Canvas


And I added the cat to Pinterest, so that is now six pages updated in the Canvas course:

Pinterest Cats: Exploring Growth Mindset 


pinterest in canvas screenshot


And I added the cat to Flickr, so there we have it: LUCKY NUMBER SEVEN. That's how many Canvas course pages updated automatically for me this morning. Whoo-hoo! :-)

Flickr Cats: Exploring Growth Mindset 


flickr screenshot